Meta Theme Sky Color

A small Javascript library and CloudFlare app that changes the Chrome nav bar to the color of the sky based on what time it is.

Cloudflare App (awaiting approval)

UIKit Gallery

Simple responsive image gallery utilizing UIKit's flex layout and lightbox components.


An open source wiki running GitBook where documentation on the art of corrupting video games is available.
GitHub Backend

Singapore Airshow 2018

A collection of photos taken of the aerobatic displays at the 2018 Singapore Airshow.

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The website and bio of Rum Reggae Indonesia, a traditional batik shirt company. Designed and themed around photos of their factory and products. Also an experiment in staticizing WordPress pages, hosted on GitHub pages.

SourceRuns Forum

A forum for the Source Engine speedrunning community. I made the CSS layout for the SMF forum software they used to run (now uses Discourse).

The website you're on now! Built from scratch using only UIKit components, also an experiment in image compression and content delivery optimization. I have a writeup on how I built it here.